Mandatory Training

Night to Shine Training for February 2021

As a volunteer for Night to Shine, please review the following information: 

GUEST COMMUNICATION TIPS PEOPLE FIRST LANGUAGE We want our guests to know we respect them and that they are valuable and important. People First Language aims to avoid perceived and subconscious dehumanization when discussing people with disabilities. To prevent unintentionally offending someone, we have provided a list of terms to avoid: 

OFFENSIVE TERMS o Handicapped o Disabled o Retarded o Crippled or Quadriplegic o Deaf and Dumb o Mentally Different o Autistic o Epileptic o Diseased o Wheelchair-bound o Downs o Emotionally Disturbed o Normal or Healthy Kids o Dwarf or Midget o A “Patient” o A “Case” or “Client” o Slow o Infirmed o Unfortunate o “Suffers from” o “Victim of” 

OFFENSIVE PHRASES Also, here are a few ways you can respectfully reword phrases: o Instead of “a disabled person,” say “a person with disabilities” o Instead of “a special needs person,” say a “a person with special needs” o Instead of “wheelchair-bound person,” say “a person in a wheelchair” o Instead of “autistic person,” say “a person with autism” o Instead of “dwarf or midget,” say “a person of short stature” o Instead of “normal or healthy kids,” say “typical kids or kids without disabilities” o Instead of “a Downs person,” say “an individual with Down syndrome”

Delivery Team – Assemble a team of volunteers to help deliver Night to Shine Guest Experience Gift Kits to honored guests with contact free delivery .  Ensure all volunteers or staff participating in deliveries are background checked and use the buddy system.  Please attempt to use a buddy from within your household.   Volunteers and staff should not go to guest homes alone. Please also make sure that all staff and volunteers appropriately social distance and wear gloves and masks at ALL times while making deliveries. Deliveries MUST be completely contact-less. Please also follow all safety precautions recommended by your local or state government and the CDC.

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