Night2Shine Registration

February 12, 2021 registration links:

All volunteer Registrations MUST be completed by Feb 1st!

Mediatory Training for all Volunteers: Click Here

Volunteer registration 18 years old and older: CLOSED

Volunteer registration 14 to under 18: CLOSED

Due to delivery travel limitations all Special Guests MUST be located less than 30 miles from zip code 13901.

Special Guest registration, must be over 14: CLOSED

Night to Shine is:

  • A worldwide movement.
  • Changing Valentine’s Day weekend from simply a celebration of love, to a celebration of God’s love, for people with special needs.
  • An unforgettable Virtual Prom Night experience.
  • A celebration of the value of life.
  • A night when all guests are kings and queens of the prom.
  • Held simultaneously on one night around the world.
  • Helping change the narrative on how people with special needs are viewed.

This year the Tim Tebow Foundation has 621 churches representing 33 denominations and 190,000+ volunteers in 49 states and 21 countries.  We will all  come together on one night to celebrate 100,000+ honored guests with special needs in what has become not just a nationwide event, but a worldwide movement, celebrating people with special needs.

Each guest receives a crown or tiara because they are all kings and queens.  This is a night not only for guests to shine, but for churches to shine, for volunteers to shine, and most importantly, for Christ to shine.

The Tim Tebow Foundation is committed to celebrating people with special needs.


Night to Shine TEAMS 2021 Event is February 12, 2021

Please note: as part of being able to participate in Night to Shine 2021, we will be requesting that you complete a brief online training.  

Gifts  for Special Guests:  This team will receive items to be packed in the Tim Tebow Backpack for our special guests.  You will insure each backpack has a notecard, a crown/tiara, a boutonniere/corsage and all gifts.   

Boutonnieres/corsage Team:  This team will be responsible for making boutonnieres and corsages for our special guests out of silk flowers.

Cards:  Responsible for individual handwritten cards for our special guests and caretakers.  You will receive verbiage and specific directions for a portion of the cards. 

Decorations: You will be asked to make posters or cut outs to be given to our special guests in the delivery of their gifts. 

Delivery and Logistic Team: Delivery of decorations and gifts for our special guests by 2 person delivery teams.  You must be over 18 and  have a valid drivers license and proof of insurance.This will be done the week of February 7th.  There will be no contact with the special guest or caretakers.

2019 Night to Shine Video

2019 Night to Shine Photos

2019 Night to Shine extended video

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